Doğuş Çay, established as a family business in 1985, made its first investment in the tea sector. The activity area that started with tea, continued with sugar and canning activities in the following years. Being able to see the future, to determine the right strategies against the changing consumer preferences and to take place in the market with products exceeding expectations and to compete without sacrificing quality and honesty has been the basic dynamics of Doğuş Çay's development since the year it was established. With the investments made with this point of view, the products produced under Doğuş Çay brand have become the decisive elements of the competition in the sector they are playing with.

Doğuş Çay's production journey began with the granting of production permits to private establishments in Turkey. The investments that started with cast tea firstly,continued with the production of bag tea, green tea and plant-fruit tea in the following years. Keeping its standards high in the direction of high targets, Doğuş Çay received TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, 15014001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates since the year 2000. In the hygienic facilities according to EU norms, the products produced without touching and subjected to continuous laboratory tests were presented to the consumer with preference for Turkish flavor, ideal color and unique smell. Doğuş Çay, which has 5 tea processing plants in Rize and 1 tea packing plant in Ordu and an annual production capacity of 50.000 tons, with its dynamic structure that rapidly adapts to innovations and steadily rising graphics, has become the leading brand of the private sector. With the decision taken in 1994, Doğuş Şeker production started to support the tea category and expand its product portfolio. Doğuş Çay expanded its field of activity with the production of tomato paste under the brand name of Doğuş Garden in 2008, in order to continue its leadership in tea and sugar categories in other branches of food and in the direction of growth decision in food sector. Doğuş Garden Tomato Paste and Canned Plant which is located in Ödemiş district of İzmir where the most fertile land for tomato farming is located and has 7 thousand 500 m2 closed area established on 70 thousand m2., is located in the center of efficient farming areas where tomato cultivation is performed in Turkey.

Doğuş Çay, which entered the category of chips with an international purchase with a strategic decision in 2013, established one of Turkey's most modern chips factories in Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone. The company, which brought infrastructure and employment studies into life for chip industry, added 'Chips Master' to its brand portfolio in 2015 as well as Patos, Cipso and Çerezos brands. Cips production is still continuing under the name of Doğuş Food and Beverage.

Continuing its breakthroughs in the food sector in 2016, Doğuş Çay also entered the cold tea category as a result of a long-term and intensive R&D work. In 2015, with a cold tea production plant brought to life in Izmir, investing 35 million TL, Doğuş Tea carried its expertise in the hot tea to the cold category. Doğuş Cold Tea has taken its place on the shelves as of April 2016.

Doğuş Çay aims to excellence just like its products with its sales organization that it has created to provide the fastest and most accurate service to its business partners and sales points.

Doğuş Çay, whose understanding of responsibility is not limited to employees, consumers and business partners, maintains its sensitivity towards the needs of the society we live in since the day it was established. Addition to the Doğuş Çay's founder, Karakan Family's charity work in the area of education and health, regularly provided scholarships to university students, Doğuş Tea Primary School, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University in Rize, and lastly Doğuş Tea Hacer Karakan Onkoloji Hospital’s construction and all other costs to cover expenses take place in the family’s charity work. In addition to this, the 'Every Steep is for the Soil' project, initiated in 2016 by the Tema Foundation in Rize, which is the land where Doğuş Çay is born, also aims to grow Rize's natural richness and the most important source of livelihood in the best conditions,including training and awareness-raising activities too produce with the same taste and quality

Since 1985 Doğuş Çay which has been a reliable company in the sector, continues to work for the future with its innovative approach, competitive structure and quality, with the principles and values it has, the standards and the care it gives to human health.