Human Resources

It is our understanding of management to give value to employees with a fair evaluation, to create a happy and peaceful work environment, to give priority to creativity by making possible the development of employees and to make it permanent.

Fundamental Principles

In Doğuş Çay Group companies;

• The creation of a business environment in which the respect for individual is taken as a basis is one of the primary objectives.

• The focus is on the practices that will ensure that all employees are responsible for respecting each other’s rights and dignity

• All Human Resources processes such as recruitment, rewarding, performance evaluation, training and appointments are designed in a way that will provide equal opportunity for the employees and not give chance any kind of discrimination

• The notice of the job applications is made in a way to ensure equal opportunity. Job application evaluation and recruitment process are conducted without discrimination of way of thinking, nationality, language, religion, ethnicity and gender

• The recruitment process has been developed based on the principle of right people for the right job. Intercorporate appointments and promotions are made based on performance.

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