HSE(Health, Safety and Environment) POLICY

Our company which makes Tea Production and Packing;

- Provide full Customer Satisfaction by adopting the principles of Product Safety, Health and Environment awareness with full support of management and participation of all employees,

When producing the products;

Protecting natural resources,

By following all the environment, health, working legislations, regulations and laws,

By using clean production technologies to reduce pollution and waste at the source, to make all the process changes to reduce the waste resource,

Before the new process, product or work is carried out, to revise their impact on the environmet,

By carrying out a risk analysis, make the necessary improvements on occupational health and safety of employees,

In our Total Quality System, which aims to meet customer expectations and happiness of employees, to apply the National and International Standards and Legal Procedures and Official Procedures in Product Quality in addition to the relevant standards,

- To measure and continuously improve the efficiency of the system and ensure compliance with the requirements

Keep the HSE System up-to-date,

- By applying developing product and production technology, it is committed to increase the competitiveness of the market together with its employees supported by continuous education and to be a leader brand in domestic and abroad and to constantly develop by making profit.