Social Responsibility Policy and Principles

Social Responsibility Policy
Having humility, respect to human beings and proximity to people values as a part of its core values, Doğuş Çay considers acting as a social responsibility consciousness in all its activities as one of the essential and indispensable elements of its management approach.

“Sustainability” and “Social Responsibility Policy” of Doğuş Çay are evaluated in a way to reveal its responsibility to all factory employees both in the region where the factories are located and in the country. The corporate sustainability policy deals with business models and processes based on sustainable future strategies on the basis of environmental, social and corporate governance with a holistic approach.

Doğuş Çay doesn’t consider the scope of responsibility to be limited to business activities and their impact, demands all institutions to manage the economic, social and environmental effects of their actions with a sense of responsibility and to keep the development of the society primarily on their agenda within this context. Defining its social responsibility concept and its priorities as the best for the community and the environment, Doğuş Çay pays attention to take a leading role in the activities aimed at the protection of democracy, human rights and the environment.

In corporate social responsibility practices, Doğuş Çay expecting to take responsibility for all managers and employees throughout the community shares its principles with all its employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders as a clear commitment to fulfil every responsibility for a better world and future.

Social Responsibility Principles

The basic principles of Doğuş Çay’ on social responsibility practices are as follows:

  • Not acg employees within the institution using language, religion, race, colour, gender, political opinions, belief, religious sect, age, any kind of physical disability and similar reasons.
  • Helping people with different beliefs, opinions and views work harmoniously by providing a positive and harmonious working environment which promotes cooperation and preventing conflicts.
  • Applying healthy life programs to contribute to the “protection of the health of employees” which is the most essential factor in achieving quality and successful life. cepting any discrimination amon